NPS Survey

Detect your loyal customers and ambassadors

Automate your NPS survey

Your customers have purchased in your shop or on your website. They automatically received an email with the NPS survey.

Detect your promoters and detractors

With NPS survey, detect if your customers are ready to recommand your brand.

You can also identify detractors and insatisfied customers.

Analyse customer satisfaction

After NPS survey, redirect your customers to a satisfaction survey.

Identify obstacles, motivations and needs of your customers. You also collect feedbacks to improve your customer service.

Encourage to recommendation

Motivate satisfied customers to talk about your brand to their family and friends.

We Love Customers helps you to implement an automated referral programm and to encourage to word of mouth.

Improve your e-reputation

With We Love Customers’ badge, display your NPS and customer satisfaction.

Reassure your prospects prospects thanks to customer testimonial.

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