Referral Program

Transform your customers into ambassadors

Automate your referral program

Configure the best workflow for your refer-a-friend system, We Love Customers does the rest :

  • Email automation
  • Oneshot code generation
  • Reward sending

Reward your ambassadors

Determine the best reward for your ambassadors and their friends. Choose into the following rewards :

  • offer in €/$ or in %
  • Free delivery
  • Gift e-card
  • Gift showroom
  • Direct money transfer

Animate your refer-a-friend system

With animation, your program is more visible and is more efficient.
Create temporary offer and actions to motivate customers to recommend your brand :

  • Boosted offers
  • Gamification
  • Email Marketing
  • Gift showroom

Engage your customers with gamification

Gamification improves customers’ engagement and made recommendations easier.
Games enable interaction between yours customers and your brand :

  • Rankings an competition
  • Draw
  • Levels and badges
  • Points addition

Customize your communication

Communication is essential for program efficiency. Adapt your communication supports to improve your results :

  • Landing Pages
  • Widgets
  • Email Marketing

Analyze your results

Optimize your referral program enables you to improve performances.
See in real time your results and change if necessary

  • Open rate
  • Click rate
  • Conversion
  • Views …

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